At Singh Dental Clinic our main intention is to make you, our patient, feel as comfortable and as at home as possible and at the same time receiving the best possible long term treatment and for you and your family.

How Do We Do This?

Singh Dental Clinic philosophy is to create a pain free dental clinic. We go to great lengths to ensure that your whole dental experience is completed under pain free conditions using state of the art equipment and techniques.
All our dental staff are trained to give you the best possible treatment in a fun relaxed and informative enviroment.
It is our policy to be punctual and if for some reason you need to sit in our patient lounge, you are able to relax and read a magazines whilst enjoying a cup of tea or coffee.
We allocate enough time in your appointments for you to feel relaxed and comfortable before we start your treatment. You are also able to ask as many questions so that you are fully informed as to what treatment will be done and why.
These are just a few ways we help you feel comfortable and welcome at Singh Dental Clinic.

What Keeps Our Patients Coming Back?

Singh Dental Clinic provides the highest standards of dental health, function and aesthetics to help you retain and get maximum benefits from your teeth throughout your life.

We promise to:

Provide excellent patient service
Provide a clean, safe and caring environment
Advise on your personal dental needs with open, informed professionalism
Use modern technology to perform safe, quality based dental service
Respect your time by being as punctual as possible for your appointment
Strive to keep you positive and completely satisfied with our service
Please feel free to advise any of the staff of any special needs you may have.
At Singh Dental Clinic we pride ourselves in offering our patients a relaxed and warm dental environment.