Tooth extractions are mostly painless if carried out by dental surgeons. Painless, quick extraction of hopeless or impacted teeth is performed by dental surgeon without any complications. All extractions are carried out under strict sterilization to avoid any complications.

What are the conditions when teeth have to be removed?

Though emphasis is more on avoiding tooth removal, but under certain circumstances this becomes necessary. If a tooth is badly broken or stuck inside bone (impacted), removal of tooth is only option left.

Are there any blood tests which should be done before extraction?

Extractions are only carried out after necessary blood tests (usually hemoglobin concentration, bleeding & clotting time) to avoid any complications during & after surgery.

Is it always necessary to remove wisdom tooth?

Not always, but many a times this becomes necessary.
What problems can be anticipated after extraction?

Very few, slight pain or swelling in the area can be seen. Like any medical procedure, tooth extraction also has some inherent anticipated problems. Any major complications after tooth extraction are not usually seen. Usually the entire spectrum of post extraction problems are managed by simple usage of medicines.

After tooth extraction care is really important for the healing of your mouth. Keeping in mind about the cautions which should be taken care of is the best practice for recovery process. Tooth extraction care makes you not to feel pain in future and prevent from the complications of extraction.